The Lucky Bastard Club: Letters to My Bride from the Left Seat
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In Memory of the Bride
Joyce Day Fisher
February 7, 1925 - January 16, 2009

After over 64 wonderful years of marriage,
Jack lost his beloved bride.


War is fought by young men, often interrupting the prime of their lives. The Lucky Bastard Club is a vivid image of such a man. His tools were not only his airplane and training, but also his faith, his sense of humor, and -- above all -- his deep and abiding love for a cute little blue-eyed brunette, his wife, Joyce.

* * * *
"Well-written true-life story of the love between a heroic WWII Bomber pilot and his Newlywed wife told through personal letters. Vividly captures the passions of their romance. But also includes graphic accounts of harrowing flights over battle-scarred Germany towards the end of the War. Fisher took a chance with the oddly formatted book - letters with accompanying narrative - but he ends up scoring big. A magnificent work. Cover art - waving flag set on a nostalgiac1940s style background - is simply magnificent."
Eric Dondero, Editor
Independent Publishing Review

"The book grips readers from two very different perspectives -- one tells the tale of a young warrior fighting for America's freedom. The other hinges upon a love that gave one man cause to deal with the harsh reality of war -- the tale of a love so deep it bridged an ocean, a war and has seen the Fishers through the toughest of times and lives on in the eyes of two people who hold onto a bond few people ever have the joy to experience."
Timothy Lee, Celina Courier-Gazette.

"What a great book! I couldn't put it down, and when I did, I couldn't wait to pick it up again."
Jan, Milwaukee, WI

"The book is fantastic! A brave, young bomber pilot shares his courageous missions with his bride through touching love letters. A true insight to the war."
Rhonda Detro, Librarian,
Celina Public Library, TX

Available in 3 formats:

Hardbound (Dust Cover)


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